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ATA heavy duty cases. Guaranteed watertight and unbreakable For life.

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EMS disaster cases

Pelican cases are excellent for disaster and EMS responders.
pull handle cases with wheels

All larger Pelican cases have wheels and pull handles.
Military and government cases

Pelican cases are guaranteed unbreakable,
watertight, dust and sand tight – for life.

Product Line – Standard Cases

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Small Cases – See All

Small Pelican Cases

Inside wall to wall dimensions:

7.25" x 4.75" x 3.06"
11.81" x 8.87" x 5.18"
Medium Cases – See All

Medium Pelican Cases

Inside wall to wall dimensions:

14.6" x 10.18" x 6"
18.43" x 14" x 7.62"
Large Cases – See All

Large Pelican Cases

Inside wall to wall dimensions:

20.37" x 15.43" x 9"
30" x 25" x 16"
Large Cube Cases

Cube Pelican Cases

Inside wall to wall dimensions:

18" x 18" x 18"
24" x 24" x 24"
Pelican Long Shipping Cases

Pelican Long Cases

Inside wall to wall dimensions:

34" x 24" x 12.5"
54.58" x 15.58" x 8.63"
Large Rifle Cases

Rifle Pelican Cases

Inside wall to wall dimensions:

35.75" x 13.5" x 5.25"
42" x 22" x 15.1"

Custom Foamed Pelican Cases

Shipping from Maryland only – call 1-800 267 1674 to order


See both models

Pelican Cases Lined with 1" or 2" soft foam

Custom Foam Lined Pelican Cases

Keep your options open with these cases.
Change equipment without changing the foam each time.
Excellent cases for servers and flat screen monitors.

Inside foam to foam dimensions:

20" x 15" x 9.5"
26.5" x 24" x 12.5"
Pelican Cases Filled with 1" and 2" layers of soft foam

Custom Foam Filled Pelican Cases

Avoid the frayed edges of diced foam by using foam with more body for your cut outs.
These cases are also an excellent source for packing foam for your many projects.

Inside wall to wall dimensions:

21.6" x 16.6" x 10.5"
30" x 25" x 16"

PelicanProâ„¢ Gear Elite Coolers

  • 7-10 day ice retention*, freezer grade gasket, 2" polyurethane insulation
  • Dual Handle System (Molded-in & Hinged Handles)
  • Press & Pull Latches (Wide for Gloved Use)
  • Molded-In Tie Downs
  • Non-Skid & Non-Marking Raised Feet
  • Molded-In Lock Hasp, Stainless Steel Plate
  • Sloped Drain & Tethered Threaded Plug (Garden Hose Attachable)
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Integrated Fish Scale on Lid
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Assembled in the USA with US and foreign components
  • *Ice retention - Initial test results are based on the Pelican 65Qt Elite Cooler model. Testing was conducted using forced air circulation in a temperature controlled environmental chamber at 90 degrees F. The test specimens were loaded to capacity with commercial cubed ice. Performance will vary by model size and external user conditions, such as; (sun exposure, wind, ice type, frequency of opening, etc.).
Pelican Coolers

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Pelican Laptop and Tablet Backpacks

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New Product Announcement!

Order Direct! Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest & Portable Tool Cases.

Water, sand, dust proof cases for tools and parts. Military tool cases.
GMTK – General Military tool cases. Wheels and pull handles for portability.

Pelican 0450 waterproof portable tool cases – Guaranteed unbreakable for life!

Portable tool cases for:
  • Military vehicle repair chests
  • GMTK kits
  • Medical kits
  • Utility maintenance kits
  • Electrician’s tool kits
  • F-18 emergency engine repair kit
  • Radio tower maintenance kits
  • Military tool cases
0450 Mobile Tool Cases
Enlarge Image
Mobile parts and tool chests for:
  • Cable repair tool cases
  • EMT and EMS team cases
  • Ship board maintenance
  • Road cases
  • Fly away kits
  • Computer parts and repair kits
  • Communications portable repair cases
  • HVAC parts and tool kits

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NEW! Pelican 0500 Transport Case

A large, multi-function, transit case that is a:
  • Shipping Case
  • Mobile Equipment Storage Case
  • Water, Sand & Dust Proof Equipment Cover

0500 Transport Cases
Enlarge Image
0500 Case with Removable Wheels
Enlarge Image
0500  Stackable Cases
Enlarge Image

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Pelican cases are widely used in industry, government and for personal equipment. One popular use for these rugged heavy duty cases is for laptops. Their water and dust tight properties make these cases ideal for protecting critical equipment in harsh environments.

Other applications for Pelican protector cases include transit of electronics, test gear, handsets, GPS units, scuba gear, rifles, and for all types of EMS equipment. Pelican enclosures are widely used in the field for smaller items where custom cases are required.

No matter what you need to carry or ship, there is probably an unbreakable and watertight Pelican case to protect it.

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